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for passionates by passionates

About SRP

SRP offers professional SIM Racing equipment: originally designed SIM race parts with magnets, load cells, elastomers and metal-made construction.

Designed and created for passionates by passionates of motorization and automotive technology. Both the traditional, analog version and the digital one - SIM Racing.

We do have experience gained from years of practising motosports (racing, rally, off road, motorcycles), combined with very fruitful collaboration with professional drivers and instructors.

This is how the idea of creating our own solutions, originally for our own needs, came into being. Today we are ready to share our experience with other enthusiasts. That's why we want to offer professional SIM Racing solutions at reasonable prices.

Despite we are a fairly young brand it definitely does not mean lack of advanced practical experience :-)

SIM Racing products

We are happy and proud to introduce sequential shifter, as well as analog handbrake for SIM Racing.

SRP products are tested, consulted and regularly used by professional racing&rally drivers, as well as instructors.

Sequential shifter for SIM Racing (PC USB)

Analog handbrake for SIM Racing (PC USB)